We are unique

Sala Moyua Realty Ours is a unique firm which is specialised in the management, purchase-sale transactions, rental, and auctioning of unique properties, select and charming apartments, one of a kind lofts, attractive attics, luxury homes and holiday homes, original apartments, duplexes, and many more.

SALA MOYUA REALTY is the real estate branch of one of the most prestigious Auction Houses specialised in jewellery and watches: SALA MOYUA BRANCAS.

We offer an exclusive AUCTIONEERING service for individuals: properties in perfect legal order, and free and clear of any and all pending payments, liens, or any other legal proceedings.

Thanks to spectacular starting prices, the Auction increases opportunities  and speeds up the purchase-sale transaction of our properties, which is of special interest in terms of quick occupancy, as well as enormous profitability for investors.

We deal exclusively in unique properties with the best value for money, and which meet the needs and tastes of a very select and exacting clientele.



We are unique, as our properties and clients are as well.


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